About company

The Company was established in Aug 2019 in Delaware by Anton Gloster, Yuriy Chudinov and Jose Zelaya to resolve one of the main problems of our time. In more than half of the world transferring property ownership and clean titles is very difficult.

In many cases it's practically impossible to convey ownership with 100% certainty, as in most countries title insurance does not exist. When buying real estate outside the USA or Western Europe, there is always a chance for problems, and in some places in Africa, Asia and Latin America that chance is 25% or higher. Corruption and fraud is rampant in the real estate industry.

Majority of the world’s poor are unable to prove ownership of assets with 100% certainty, this they are unable to become financeable and participate in the global banking system.

Executive team

Anton Glotser

Anton Glotser

Chief Executive Officer
Yuriy Chudinov

Yuriy Chudinov

Chief Technical Officer
Jud Ireland

Jud Ireland

Ex-Chairman, advisor

Yuriy, co-owner and partner of Delnorte Holdings, a strong systems software engineer with out-of-the-box thinking and belief in results. He is observant and knows how to combine the natural processes of the surrounding world with modern digital technologies and classical algorithms.

Since the age of 13, Yuri has been fond of programming and reads technical literature. He spoke at scientific and technical conferences on automation of processes in production using Mircosoft .NET. 2007-2019 - a period of active outsourcing activities in the field of IT. Yuri has worked in a number of Healthcare, Banking, CAD/CAM domains. He worked as a Senior Software engineer in top Ukrainian companies: AMC BRIDGE, Software, Luxsoft. From 2012 to 2019, he was a Microsoft Bizspark participant and a .net developer profile instructor. During this period, he has graduated more than 700 highly qualified IT specialists. Since 2017, Yuri has a proven .NET level | Azure Solution Architect. He is engaged in private IT consulting of complex technical projects on Blockchain, DeepLearning, BigData technologies.

Since his youth, Anton Glotser has been an entrepreneur, across different regions. He leads DelNorte by applying years of experience in overcoming hard lessons.

The idea for Delnorte ignited as far back as 2005 when Mr. Glotser started in Real Estate, working on multi-million dollar commercial and residential development and acquisition. He also held two executive-level roles at fortune 500 real estate development firms and invested heavily in mortgage notes, oil & gas, technology, film & tv production and cryptocurrency. The first iteration of Delnorte began in 2017, formalized in 2019. Throughout his travels he has acquired extensive experience working with parastatals and government institutions, to elevate their programme for digital transformation. One of the flagship contracts that Delnorte holds is with Honduras. The nationwide contract aims to digitize commercial and residential property and recognize NFT as a valid instrument to create disaster modeling software.

Jose is a Honduras licenced attorney. Graduated from American school in Tegucigalpa Honduras, and from UNITEC law school. Currently works as a legal consultant for the Honduran Nacional Congress and at Aguilar Castillo Love (ACL one of the most prestigious law firms in Honduras).

Jose has been instrumental over the past 4 years in passing numerous congressional laws that led to the Delnorte government contract.

Tomer is an Israeli-born American entrepreneur and philanthropist that is now based in Costa Rica Uvita where he sits as Chairman of Envision holdings. Its an influential organization with the largest festival in country running for 11 years to help connect people to nature and teach sustainability through wellness, permaculture community, art, music, preserving rain forests and planting a lot of trees through its foundation.

Mr. Jud Ireland serves as Creative Director and Partner for MultiCORE International. Mr. Ireland’s role is to interpret business strategy and advise the Board with unique solutions to support the Company’s vision. His vast and diverse experience gives him perspective to spearhead the design, development, and critical analysis of of the Company’s business strategies. He also manages prime team functions and activities to ensure sustainable corporate growth.

The product we create will raise the national importance of digitalization for many key aspects at the state level


Increase tax revenue for the
government by automating
certain tax collection processes


Create wealth and
security for the people


Get rid of fraud
and create a better
investing environment


Get rid of inefficiencies
in land and property management
through automation and digitization


Fight corruption in the real estate industry by making
records and transactions transparent via automation
and digitization with blockchain technology

What our team are saying

Everything new requires an innovative approach, architecture, code and project assembly process. Every day we are faced with new and adapt modern technologies to the requirements of the business.

Sergey Ki DevOps Engineer

Non-standard projects require high qualification of each team member, maximum efforts and faith in the result. Our platform is not just a modern tool for business, we are a short way of Blockchain technologies to big business

Yuriy Ch Chief Solution Architect/CTO

I never thought that I would be working on a global project, a project with innovative technology that businesses and even governments trust. I am sure that without the faith of the team, a clear plan and the desire of each of us, nothing would have happened.

Victoria Ro UI/UX Designer

The only and correct way to make the system reliable is to reduce the number of fragile nodes without significant changes in the architecture and design of the system.

Eugene Dz Technical Leader

Blockchain is a technology created by the mathematics of graphs, and modern architecture is primarily a layered organization of modules of blocks and components, as the business requires.

Sergey Sg Blochchain Architect

The high quality of the product is achieved through a well-thought-out functional project architecture and a well-organized release control system.

Sergey Ky Chief Business/Product Building Expert

Businesses and Banks trust what they can touch and control. We give them Blockchain-tools, which they can not only touch, but also operate with them in the usual way.

Oleg Vn Chief Embedded Officer