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Link government verified proof of ownership with private commerce, unlock the true value of the land and provide a secure way to invest, transact, track and take legal possession of real assets.

The Problem statement

Transferring property and proving ownership in most places around the world is very difficult. In many cases it's practically impossible to convey ownership with 100% certainty, as in most countries title insurance does not exist. When buying real property outside of USA or Western Europe, there is always a chance something will go wrong, and in some places in Africa, Asia and Latin America that chance is 25% or even higher.


The Solution

We are Delnorte, the only blockchain company in the world that has a government contract and supporting laws that allow us to digitize, tokenize and automate all real estate transac- tions for an entire country. Our unique contract gives us the exclusive ability to use our digital stamp to validate government transactions and documents such as deeds and titles.

Our platform "TerraVision" is a distributed ledger software solution that digitizes property ownership, automates government and commercial transactions. We offer such transactions as title registration, taxation, brokerage and sales, advance DeFi investing and crowdfunding, fractional title owner- ship, mortgages issuance, and title insurance. We also provide 100% secure and transparent data storage, and property records. Our most important benefit is being able to provide 100% security of property ownership and conveyance to everyone transacting on our platform.


Top 5 reasons to implement
Delnorte nationwide:

  • Fight corruption in the real estate industry by automating the system.
  • Get rid of fraud and create a better investing environment and raise overall investment.
  • Get rid of inefficiencies in land and property management through automation and digitization.
  • Increase tax revenue for the government by automating certain tax collection processes.
  • Unlock true value of real assets via a decentralized and democratized exchange.


Miami, FL 10MM+ USD
  • Most parcels have secure title
  • Electronic searchable records of title
  • No lending limitations + prime local economy
  • U.S. real estate networks complete heavily
Costa Rica 100K-500K USD
  • <5% of prime parcels have uncertain title
  • Ownership his paper but verifiable
  • Lending markets established
  • U.S. real estate network involved
  • Robust online marketing reaches overseas buyers
Honduras 10K-30K USD
  • 20% of parcels have uncertain title
  • No way to 100% verify ownership
  • Lending limited and rates very high
  • No mainstream real estate networks
  • Online marketing limited, lacks overseas investment
  • Most transactions between family/ friends/ networks

Technical Details

The Delnotre platform is built on blockchain smart contracts using the revolutionary device - Conteon Emitter. Overall concept and transaction process is depicted in the image below:


Why smart contracts matter?

Smart contracts are built on an advanced distributed ledger which follows the rules of the physical world far more closely than a traditional database.


In the physical world - each object:

  • Cannot be duplicated
  • Cannot be erased
  • Is unique even in a group
  • Follows situational rules

To effectively manage real estate - the digital backbone should follow the same rules as the parcel itself.

Why Conteon Emitter matters?

Conteon Emitter - an offline hardware capable of generating guaranteed unique transaction signatures, significantly enhancing the benefits of blockchains and accelerating the validation of transactions tenfold. With Conteon Emitter, Delnorte can offer a safer, more convenient and cheaper way to pay in retail networks and money transfer services, as well as a way to store debit cards on mobile devices.


A few words about Tokens

Terra Token

TerraToken is utilitarian - this means it is used by the DELNORTE infrastructure and is burned, every time you carry out transactions with immovable or movable property. Transactions such as: obtaining a digital copy of a certificate of ownership or rights to dispose of a land resource or movable property. Register a change of the record of ownership (sale or lease transfer).

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Terra Token implements a unique logic of work that allows it to have a minimum declared price of $20 USD and it has unlimited growth potential, as it is linked to the commission on real estate transactions.

The minimum declared value of the token is guaranteed by the exchange of one token for 20 operations for issuing a certificate of ownership, each certificate being valued at $1.

Each token can be used to conduct a transaction or to perform 20 operations for issuing certificates. We set the minimum token price at $20 for assets less than $5000 in value. And a progressive % (percentage) of the transaction for objects more expensive than $5000. The reward received from the burning of the token is always divided between 3 participants in the transaction: Delnorte, the Government, and the token holder according to a progressive model.

Exchange of a token for the issuance of 20 certificates ($20) and re-registration of objects of movable or immovable property with a price of $4000 or less, the entire reward goes to the token holder.

For assets of $4000 and more, all compensation is divided between Delnorte, the Government, and the token holder at 33.33% each. Thus, Delnorte will always receive $20 or more for each token sold.


NFT titles

Each deed and title will be issued its own individual NFT. The NFT will contain all the information a regular title would and more. It will have all property and the property owner information.

MDN During a transaction the NFT will automatically be updated (via algorithm) with sale price and sales tax (for government tax collection). That sales price will be what determines the value of the property as well as the brokers commission and therefore the commission paid to token user, token holder, Delnorte and the government, at the point of sale of the asset.

The NFT will also record all historical changes to the property, such as deed filings, variances, easements, taxes, mortgages/loans, liens and of course all transactions.

Executive Team

  • Anton Gloster
    Anton Gloster

    Anton is the co-founder and partner of Delnorte, he has spent over 4 years building the company and developing political connections in Latin America and the Carribean. Mr. Glotser has been diligently educating the government and private sector individuals about the company and technology and securing contracts for the company. He acquired a nationwide contract in the country of Honduras to digitize all of their real property, and make legal real estate transactions exclusively on the Delnorte platform.

    Mr. Glotser founded his first company specialized in real estate investing right out of college. Since then he has done numerous successful real estate projects. In 2012 Mr. Glotser co-founded the Andean Brewing Company and created its first hit product Banana Beer. Anton Glotser has founded several startups in online sales, marketing, mortgages, and technology space. In 2015 he founded Texas Oil and Gas Management, an oil company, that in 2018 has more than tripled its starting value. He has also co-produced several commercially successful and critically acclaimed feature films “Wishman” & “Big Legend”.


  • Yuriy Chudinov
    Yuriy Chudinov

    Yuriy is co-founder and partner of Delnorte. Yuriy is a talented software engineer. He is the co-author and creator of a new class of device Emitter (conteon.io) - an operational latch that supports the Marketplace concept and allows tokenize bank cards and conduct secure transactions with cryptocurrency. Yuriy has been working in the IT field since the age of 18, doing commercial development of complex distributed and high-load data processing systems, web-services and computer modeling systems.

    For 17 years of development, he produced over 6 million lines of code and reviewed even more. He worked in different domains: Healthcare, CAD \ CAM, Banking and Fintech. Yuriy has extensive experience with different classes of systems and programming experience in .NET, JAVA, ANSY C / C ++, T-SQL, SOLIDITY, as well as creating embeded devices. For 18 years he worked in the IT department of Pumb bank (ukraine), on projects of Autodesc, Solidworks, D-Scope Systems, in Software, AMC Bridge, AzovMach (SAPR-3D, CUBIC). From 2013 to 2017, he was an active participant in the formation of a young IT market through the knowledge transfer - coaching, mentoring, taught more than 700 specialists on the Microsoft and Java E2E tech stack. For the last 7 years, Yuriy holds the title of Senior Software Architect, founded Homebranded and is engaged in IT consulting in the fields of Healthcare, Fintech & DeFi.


  • Jose Zelaya
    Jose Zelaya

    Jose is a Honduras licenced attorney. Graduated from American school in Tegucigalpa Honduras, and from UNITEC law school. Currently works as a legal consultant Aguilar Castillo Love (ACL one of the most prestigious law firms in Honduras).

    Jose has been instrumental over the past 4 years in passing numerous congressional laws that led to the Delnorte government contract.


  • Tomer Vardi
    Tomer Vardi

    Tomer is an Israeli-born American entrepreneur and philanthropist that is now based in Costa Rica Uvita where he sits as Chairman of Envision holdings. Its an influential organization with the largest festival in country running for 11 years to help connect people to nature and teach sustainability through wellness, permaculture community, art, music, preserving rain forests and planting a lot of trees through its foundation.

    He is involved in large real-estate sustainable community projects and conservations. He has a background in technical, business expertise, AI technologies, payment systems, tokenization, administrations systems for various industries and out of the box thinking. He served on many boards for a variety of companies both as an owner and as advisor. He has taken several companies from inception to full operations and has consultant for fortune 100 companies in development and technology implementation. He currently owns equity in a few companies that he has a large equity positions and sits on the board on a few to help shift new strategies in the changing environments of today. He has helped many companies with relationships, in strategy, capital, and sales to increase their value and revenues in a healthy way.


Planning to release on 27 May 2022

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