We create wealth and security
for the people
and adopt
to blockchain

We are Delnorte Holdings inc. is the only blockchain fintech
product company in the world that develops hardware-based
deed processing and property ownership management
transaction endorsement protocol.

We adopt classic business solutions
to modern PoS Blockchain


The Delnorte platform connects user cabinet,
hybrid cloud storages and ledger technology
into one operational ecosystem, which runs
by the most advanced Blockchains.

Every Delnorte User can see connected
products and services in one place Read more

DTV Coin


Delnorte Platform uses DTV ERC20 utiity token as Gas to run all
existed and future products and services. The tokenomic model
is deflationary with a hardcap 1 billion tokens and periodic baybacks
estimated with 0.005 % of every transaction value.

Start simple stack DTV to make a profit for your future now OR get
and additional benefits for your business using intelligence minning
model of DTV every business transaction.

Resource Management


The Resource Management is a robust and user friendly tool to build
supply management process for your camarities and transform
every single type resource asset into valid NFT Certificate.




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Use platform to transfer
resource assets
between warehouses,
stores or farms


Get experience with trading
your resources on digital
resource exchanges today
and increase your profit.


Simplify your
paperwork and run
business into safe
digital space



Use Terravision to search real estate property and manage objects in
cadastral and digital registry and boost property transferiship process
by automatically KYC and verification of the rights of the current owner.




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For users

The real estate search engine is an application to search for properties by regular users and allows you to send a notification to the owner of the property in the disaster area.

Also, the App has a unique augmented reality function, which can show the boundaries of land plots, technologically hazardous areas or make a viral view of the property rights without leaving your home.

For brokers

An application for notaries and brokers who directly perform real estate deals (selling, renting, registering mortgages, etc.), connected to the state registry and allows you to check the status of property and perform transactions between the parties interested.

For government

State registry of property rights and cadastral numbers for land, which allows you to mark man-made danger zones of different types (floods, earthquakes, mudflows, etc.) and case management.

Banking Solution

Fintech solution for Banks
and Financial institutes.
It performs transparent,
safe and simple way operate
a crypto assets for payment
for stuff and services for
non-crypto users.


Solution was built using hybrid wallet-less approach and harmonically conducts Web3 and centralized classic N-tire architecture that fixes blockchain lacks and provides cost-efficient payment gateway for enterprise and internet services. It gives every user the freedom to manage their digital or hardware wallets and makes every fraud transactions (inside the network) revertible.

Use all benefits of blockchain and hybrid data management protocols of Delnorte to prevent unauthorized access to enterprise and sensitive data.

Use Conteon Emitter to perform wallet-less approach for payment with both fiat and crypto and tokenize bank cards and save on client device by one touch.

Optimize costs and time on deliver critical updates into everything mobile App with Conteon Emitter.

Functional Architecture

Delnorte platform is a decentralized environment with elements of
centralized control. It operates as single mechanism to unite business,
government, regulatory institutions and platform users into single
operating space and of activity where the DTV is used as a Gas.




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Governments, title companies and lawyers use paper to document government transactions which is a risk, due to the inefficient and centralized nature of paperwork



Every related procedure to real estate or resource management transactions like exchange, mortgages through financial institutions and insurance companies is costly and lacks transparency for the parties involved



Traditional paperwork in real estate and resource management transactions have severe limitations in terms of speed, security and transparency


Speed up

Title insurance is a mandatory, expensive, time-consuming and repetitive tasks

The Emitter device

This is an offline hardware device capable of generating
guaranteed unique transaction signatures, significantly
enhancing the benefits of blockchains and accelerating
the validation of transactions tenfold. With Conteon Emitter,
Delnorte can offer a safer, more convenient, and cheaper
way to pay for the deal and money transfer services, as well
to store debit cards on mobile devices.

The deal endorsement protocol

This protocol safety connects a End user to his crypto wallet/assets are blockchain
network by physical device "Conteon Emitter" and Delnorte cloud infrastructure
helps operate with both crypto and fiat currency. It is possible because Conteon Emitter
acts not only security element of deal protection but like hardware key to DeFi and
infrastructure of the Banks and government institutes.


For secure endorsement and deal protection the Emitter signals a one-time
internet connection via multiple authentication factors such as:

Mobile biometric Mobile
Unique cypher chip Unique
cypher chip
Mobile network encryption Mobile network
NFC/QR data NFC/QR data

Thus transferring deal data over Bluetooth to dynamic WebView data representation.

The Tokenization
and management Protocol

The Delnorte Platform is a sophisticated and efficient solution for the
management of various types of NFT-certificates and deeds.

An innovative smart-contract system is able to efficiently and securely
manage the complex operational mechanics of transactions, ownership
rights and changes in existing NFT-Certificates and transactions.
It provides a geolocation and regional affiliation sandbox that allows
segregate traffics by federal areas and performs configure behavior of
every single instance of smart-contract for particular federative area.


We performs a innovative technology for tokenization and compact placement of fields
for different types of property rights. Our tech makes it possible to access and process
NFT certificate fields from different smart contracts connected to Apps.

NFT Certificate

Each deed and title will be minted in to its own individual NFT
when it migrates on to our platform. The NFT will contain all the
information a regular document would and the ability to add much
more. It will have all the property and the property owner
information and be linked to the owner’s digital ID.


The NFT Smart-contract will also record all historical changes to
the property, all document filings, taxes, mortgages/loans, liens,
and all transactions associated with the asset, environmental data
(such as flooding), agricultural and mineral output (like in the case
of farms or mines) energy production and consumption (such as
powerplants or factories), and many other potential data points.

If the NFT is associated with a productive asset such as a mine, or
a farm, or a factory, or even a store, that output data can be linked
to third party networks and sold or exchanged for a fee.

Technology, the key principles
and its benefits

By implementing Delnorte Platform and every single Product we follow principles
- Nothing Extra and Great things should work simple way. Every component
of System used technology harmoniously integrated into product design and
fulfills its purpose. We trust only proved software and hardware vendors and cloud
infrastructure providers.

NET 6.0
Microsoft NET6
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure

Every single app on Delnorte Platform
follows simple but effective principles:


Analog-to-digital protection based on short-range protocols

Our hardware key uses an analog-digital method of authorization when connecting mobile devices and provides data transmission via Bluetooth protocol between session participants. This concept completely eliminates remote hacking or data interception.


Transactions of reading and changing data are separated and performed by different authorization access keys.

At the same time, data can be read by the owner of the NFT (or by access key Pool Supervisor) and data can be changed only over the active hardware where the second part of the key is activated, allowing information to be changed.


When turned on and ready for operation, the hardware key establishes connectivity to a smartphone and validates its digital copy of data to NFT via the mobile device's Internet channel.

After validation, the device is switched on active mode and can perform transactions. At the same time, a user application is downloaded to the connected phone via Bluetooth.

The simple things are beautiful and
make a space for a number of benefits


assets platform

All digital Asset transactions in an integrated
Platform that uses NFT’s smart contract
technology which has the speed, security
and transparency of blockchain.



The NFT-Certificates allow people to
streamline entire real asset transactions
and do much more than traditional legal
paperwork methods.



NFT-Certificates have a much higher degree
of security because they are decentralized
and encrypted, making it harder to become
a victim of fraudulent transactions.

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