We create wealth and security for the people!

The Company

Delnorte Holdings inc. is the only blockchain fintech product company in the world that develops hardware-based title and property ownership management transaction endorsement protocol. We link government verified proof of ownership with private commerce to unlock the true value of the land and provide a secure way to invest, transact, manage resources, track and take legal possession of real assets.

Our organizational philosophy is focused
on four pillars of strength


We are a business; our goal is to create
new customers and be profitable.

Social Impact
Social Impact

We want to have a net positive
impact on the world and its citizens.

Protect the Brand
Protect the Brand

Our brand is our soul; we strive
to have a crystal-clear image.


We focus on customer acquisition by providing
the most benefits and the best possible service.

The Company was established in Aug 2019 in Delaware by Anton Gloster, Yuriy Chudinov and Jose Zelaya to resolve one of the main problems of our time. In more than half of the world transferring property ownership and clean titles is very difficult.

In many cases it's practically impossible to convey ownership with 100% certainty, as in most countries title insurance does not exist. When buying real estate outside the USA or Western Europe, there is always a chance for problems, and in some places in Africa, Asia and Latin America that chance is 25% or higher. Corruption and fraud is rampant in the real estate industry.

Majority of the world’s poor are unable to prove ownership of assets with 100% certainty, this they are unable to become financeable and participate in the global banking system.

Technology & Product

We present the Delnorte TerraVision platform. It is an ecosystem based on its own software tokenization and hardware deal endorsement protocols, it allows you to move assets from the “outside world” to the “digital world”, and to consolidate and store data with various types of property rights in a distributed decentralized environment.

An NFT is a smart contract that can be programmed with new data points, manage data points and interact with networks such as supply chains, financial and physical goods exchanges, government networks and much much more. Our platform allows you to convert deeds and titles to NFT format. Users of our platform are able to register their documents with the government, pay taxes, legally buy, sell or broker real assets, participate in advance DeFi investing and crowdfunding, fractional title ownership, mortgages and insure the assets and so much more.

We also provide 100% secure and transparent data storage, and property records. Our most important benefit is being able to provide 100% security of property ownership and conveyance to everyone transacting on our platform.

Our NFT platform exposes public RESTFul API layer which performs simple and reliable integration way for your mobile and server applications with our platform. Moreover, everyone third party developer can create and launch own application pools in our blockchain environment, provided we approve them first. We offer a profit share program to these developers so that they can generate income through their ideas and solutions, they also have an option to offer their app for free on the Delnorte TerraVision platform.

To showcase the app store, we have launched our first application (made in-house) which shows historical disaster zones by superimposing them on a geographic map and predicts future potential disaster zones. The deed NFT will connect to the disaster information app and the user will be able to check the address in the NFT (physical property location) and see (super imposed on a geographical map) historical disaster zones and potential future impacted areas in relations to his property. It will be enough for him to look at the map in the application and the legend to decipher the levels of danger and if his land lies in the disaster zone or how close it is to be dangerously impacted by future disasters.

Our application distinguishes between 5 different types of danger:

1) flood zones

2) zones of karst sinkholes

3) zones of abnormal heat and cold (based on the annual statistics of NOAA)

4) zones of mudflows and seismically unstable ground

5) zones of earthquakes, and active volcanoes (based on statistics 100+ years’ worth of statistical date pulled from several databases).

This app will connect to government agencies that deal with emergency response and give the agency the ability to send custom messages through the app or by text message to all digital IDs tied to the NFTs that lie within the geographic disaster impact zone.

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Delnorte TerraVision document digitization fixes a lot of problems for many key aspects at the individual, local, state and federal level

Get rid of fraud and create a better investing environment

Increase tax revenue for the government by automating certain tax collection processes

Create wealth and security for the people

Fight corruption in the real estate industry by making records and transactions transparent via automation and digitization with blockchain technology

Get rid of inefficiencies in land and property management through automation and digitization

Overall working principle

The Deal endorsement Protocol

This protocol is layered on a smart contract inside the blockchain which interacts with an offline proprietary device “the Conteon Emitter“, that performs the role of a Security Element and connects the smart contract to the mobile device of the deal originator to confirm the transaction. For secure endorsement and deal protection the Emitter signals a one-time internet connection via multiple authentication factors such as: mobile biometric, unique cypher chip, mobile network encryption, and nfc/qr data. Thus transferring deal data over Bluetooth to dynamic WebView data representation.

The Tokenization
and management Protocols

The Delnorte TerraVision storage system is a sophisticated and efficient solution for the management of various types of NFT certificates. Our innovative pooling system is able to efficiently and securely manage the complex operational mechanics of transactions, ownership rights and changes in existing NFT certificates.

We use an innovative “NFT Block“ technology for tokenization and compact placement of fields for different types of property rights. Our tech makes it possible to access and process NFT certificate fields from different application pools. Our entire system as a whole and as individual application pools, uses a single utility token: DTV.

The content targeting system works via geolocation and regional affiliation, and allows you to create and store NFTs of each jurisdiction (country/city /state /region) in its own isolated pool, while providing seamless access to all available data in the system of pools of a given type. The pooling system is organized in a matrix structure, where each pool is an autonomous unit with its own transaction history and role-based security model. Each pool has its own business model and distribution of functional roles in the system. This allows you to update and modify pools as needed without redefining the entire system, which significantly reduces the overall cost of maintaining the pool's smart contract system during an update thus greatly mitigating crash and network virus risk, as each pool can be isolated and completely cut off from the network.

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Operating Pools

IP Management Pool

Designed for registration and management of objects of intellectual property rights, such as patents, trademarks, utilities, etc. Allows you to create a copy of a statement of ownership of an intellectual property object and send a guaranteed notification letter to a counterparty.

Resource Management Pool

Designed to create and store digital certificates for resources such as metals, hydrocarbons, grains, water, building materials, rent, power generation or consumption etc., as well as their accounting and tracking in supply chains. The pool allows you to identify the origin of the resource, it’s unique characteristics and determine the nominal price on the exchange.

Title Management Pool

Designed for the management and transfer of real property rights. The management of legal and financial encumbrances and obligations on real property, such as taxes and mortgages. The management and facilitation of buying, selling and renting of movable and immovable property.

Utility Token DTV

For all pools of the ecosystem, we use a single utility token. Delnorte TerraVision token aka DTV. This allows the DTV token to be applied as a payment for the functionality of the pools throughout the Delnorte ecosystem. In return the Delnorte TerraVision platform pays a percentage of the transactions performed on the platform to holders / stakers of the DTV token. Delnorte is working every day to expand the number and types of operating pools.

NFT Token

Each deed and title will be minted in to its own individual NFT when it migrates on to our platform. The NFT will contain all the information a regular document would and the ability to add much more. It will have all the property and the property owner information and be linked to the owner’s digital ID.

The NFT will also record all historical changes to the property, all document filings, taxes, mortgages/loans, liens, and all transactions associated with the asset, environmental data (such as flooding), agricultural and mineral output (like in the case of farms or mines) energy production and consumption (such as powerplants or factories), and many other potential data points. If the NFT is associated with a productive asset such as a mine, or a farm, or a factory, or even a store, that output data can be linked to third party networks and sold or exchanged for a fee.

For example, during a sale the price and sales tax (for government tax collection) will be recorded along with a new ownership certificate that ties the NFT to the new owner’s ID. The smart contract will pay commission to token Holder (those who purchased DTV tokens and staked them on our network) and a transaction fee to Delnorte Holdings inc., at the point of sale of the asset, likewise broker’s commission, legal fees, and government fees such as recording fees and taxes can be paid automatically in the smart contract as well.

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The Emitter Device

This is an offline hardware device capable of generating guaranteed unique transaction signatures, significantly enhancing the benefits of blockchains and accelerating the validation of transactions tenfold. With Conteon Emitter, Delnorte can offer a safer, more convenient, and cheaper way to pay for the deal and money transfer services, as well to store debit cards on mobile devices.

Security Benefits

Each transaction is fully confidential, and the automated tokenization system ensures that the transaction material is available to each participant

All transactions are facilitated by an authorized arbitrator through a hardwired proximity device with active tracking of GPS coordinates and transaction time. This guarantees the confirmation of the will of participation in the transaction and automatically determines the legal jurisdiction of the transaction

The system allows for changes in digital certificate data only using digital signatures of the Emitter, which automatically identifies the person responsible for changing the information in the NFT passport or changing the ownership record

Revenue model part 1
(Independent of government contract)

Advertising on our platform

Minting and hosting
NFTs on the platform

Managing NFTs on the platform

Finders’ fees for financial services, such as insurance and mortgages

Our revenue share model on our app store lets people add new functions and network connections to our NFTs and add cross chain functionality
(so that for example mining date from the NFT can be sold to a third-party supply chain network).

Revenue model part 2
(With government contract)

Once the government recognizes our NFTs as an official document, we believe most people will switch to transacting on our platform because of the convenience, security, certainty and efficiency. The same reason we use gps on our smart phones rather than physical maps, it's easy and fast.

By providing the technology to the government to digitally stamp digital documents and have them recognized by the government as official documents, we can expand into all government services and charge a convenience fee to stamp any government document.

By having this stamp exclusivity, we become the de facto broker for all real estate property in the country.

By having the government validate the title information on the NFT, we are able to provide title insurance to our customers. We can guarantee title information and we can sell title insurance policies or broker deals for other insurance companies.

Technical Details

Technology stack

The Delnorte TerraVision is a hybrid platform based on a multi-layer microservices architecture and Distributed Hyper Ledger technology. The main blockchain is Matic on Ethereum; for data storage outside the blockchain we use a network of dedicated MongoDB/Atlas and Influx Db servers hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. The platform was developed using:

Microsoft NET5

Solution Architecture

  • Physically housed in the Blockchain and represented as a system of smart contracts operating pools, the NFT itself and the DTV operating token.
  • Physically represented as a BT and NFC-connected mobile device of the transaction participant and Emitter. The layer is responsible for generating a one-time unique token and transmitting the data of the transaction object to the mobile devices of the transaction participants. At this level, the Emitter is the transaction server. The mobile application of the initiator and the transaction participants must be authorized at layer 2.
  • A network of validation nodes. Physically hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud. Acts as a docking layer between the blockchain and the backend of the entire the Delnorte Tarravision system.
  • Delnorte TerraVision cloud infrastructure. It hosts multi-purpose servers and data services to process transactions from mobile devices and browsers. Stores off-Chain transaction data in encrypted form. Also this level performs initial authentication for all mobile devices of deal participants
  • Physically, it is represented by the internal logic of the Emitter's device. At this level, transaction tokenization and generation of unique transaction impressions based on technical and biometric data of the transaction participants and a number of other parameters take place.

Deal processing
by Emitter

All deal transactions perform over a physical device “Emitter''. Right now up to 5 parties can participate simultaneously in a transaction. The Emitter validates and mints tokens for the total amount and deal subject. The issuer is part of the infrastructure affiliated with a government facility and the Emitter participant profile does not require passing a KYC checks.

NFT Structure

The unique structure of the NFT allows you to store a significant amount of information outside the network, but all data is still processed as a whole. This became possible due to the use of algorithms for selective chain coding of a binary stream, which makes it possible to unambiguously assign files to the NFT token. Therefore, the NFT of each type of property contains a unified identifier for access to off-chain data as well as an internal search engine. This identifier and search engine is updated every time content changes inside or outside the blockchain.

Images below depict how data is stored on and extracted to Delnorte Terravision platform

Assembly output from token and offline data while read data
Segregate input to NFT and offline data by update

Road map

Company foundation

Problem statement formation

Starting project development

Website launch

Tech research and development

Business development


Contracts in Honduras


Board formation

Token design and testing



Facilitation in Honduras

Opening a physical office in Honduras


MOU with Oil Company to start selling gas and oil by DTV tokens


Platform MVP launch in several locations in Honduras


Launch in several new countries with government contracts signed


Amplification of Power (5x) and Security - Scale


Full size platform launch

Amplification of Power (10x) and Security - Scale to several more countries

Integration with couple a small Banks in America and Latin America


Integration with national Banks


Massive security stack improvements and development own protocol for safe validation

Executive Team

Anton Glotser

Chief Executive Officer

Since his youth, Anton Glotser has been an entrepreneur, across different regions. His unique vision and networking skills have contributed to his success today, he leads Del Norte by applying years of experience in overcoming hard lessons. As the CEO and founder of Delnorte Holdings inc., Mr. Glotser directs all divisions across multiple company disciplines. This ability to unify goals and people to work toward a bigger overarching success was built over the last two decades.

The idea for Delnorte ignited as far back as 2005 when Mr. Glotser started in Real Estate, working on multi-million dollar commercial and residential development and acquisition. He also held two executive-level roles at fortune 500 real estate development firms and invested heavily in mortgage notes, oil & gas, technology, film & tv production and cryptocurrency. The first iteration of Delnorte began in 2017, formalized in 2019. Since the official launch, Mr. Glotser has developed strong networks in Latin America and the Caribbean. Throughout his travels he has acquired extensive experience working with parastatals and government institutions, to elevate their programme for digital transformation. One of the flagship contracts that Delnorte holds is with Honduras. The nationwide contract aims to digitize commercial and residential property and recognize NFT as a valid instrument to create disaster modeling software.

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Yuriy Chudinov

Chief Technical Officer

Yuri, co-owner and partner of Delnorte Holdings, a strong systems software engineer with out-of-the-box thinking and belief in results. He is observant and knows how to combine the natural processes of the surrounding world with modern digital technologies and classical algorithms. In 2008 he graduated with honors from the PSTU Institute, specializing in mathematics and computer science.

Since the age of 13, Yuri has been fond of programming and reads technical literature. The first commercial module in Delphi was written at the age of 15. At the age of 18 he received the position of a design engineer at the CAD-Gidroprivod design bureau. He spoke at scientific and technical conferences on automation of processes in production using Mircosoft .NET. 2007-2019 - a period of active outsourcing activities in the field of IT. Yuri has worked in a number of Healthcare, Banking, CAD/CAM domains. He worked as a Senior Software engineer in top Ukrainian companies: AMC BRIDGE, Software, Luxsoft. From 2012 to 2019, he was a Microsoft Bizspark participant and a .net developer profile instructor. During this period, he has graduated more than 700 highly qualified IT specialists. Since 2017, Yuri has a proven .NET level | Azure Solution Architect. He is engaged in private IT consulting of complex technical projects on Blockchain, DeepLearning, BigData technologies. Developed the unique Conteon Emitter device, capable of enhancing transaction protection in any type of blockchain and providing transparent, secure access to a closed infrastructure for millions of users.

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Jose Zelaya

Chief Lawyer Officer

Jose is a Honduras licenced attorney. Graduated from American school in Tegucigalpa Honduras, and from UNITEC law school. Currently works as a legal consultant for the Honduran Nacional Congress and at Aguilar Castillo Love (ACL one of the most prestigious law firms in Honduras)...

Jose has been instrumental over the past 4 years in passing numerous congressional laws that led to the Delnorte government contract.

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Tomer Vardi

Chief Operational Officer

Tomer is an Israeli-born American entrepreneur and philanthropist that is now based in Costa Rica Uvita where he sits as Chairman of Envision holdings. Its an influential organization with the largest festival in country running for 11 years to help connect people to nature and teach sustainability through wellness, permaculture community, art, music, preserving rain forests and planting a lot of trees through its foundation.

He is involved in large real-estate sustainable community projects and conservations. He has a background in technical, business expertise, AI technologies, payment systems, tokenization, administrations systems for various industries and out of the box thinking. He served on many boards for a variety of companies both as an owner and as advisor. He has taken several companies from inception to full operations and has consultant for fortune 100 companies in development and technology implementation. He currently owns equity in a few companies that he has a large equity positions and sits on the board on a few to help shift new strategies in the changing environments of today. He has helped many companies with relationships, in strategy, capital, and sales to increase their value and revenues in a healthy way.

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Jud Ireland

Business Development

Mr. Jud Ireland serves as Creative Director and Partner for MultiCORE International. Mr. Ireland’s role is to interpret business strategy and advise the Board with unique solutions to support the Company’s vision. His vast and diverse experience gives him perspective to spearhead the design, development, and critical analysis of of the Company’s business strategies. He also manages prime team functions and activities to ensure sustainable corporate growth.

In additional to his roles with MultiCORE, Mr. Ireland also serves as Chairman of Wisdom Trust Capital and EDR Global which seeks technologies that provide green solutions for cleaner air, water, and good health. He is a powerful voice of environmental sustainability and through Wisdom Trust Capital, where he promotes the idea of bettering lives through science, art, education and the environment.

His vast international experience includes in 2009, being the only American member of the CBEEX, Chinese Beijing Environmental Exchange allowed to invest, trade, and advise Chinese companies on carbon trading.

Mr. Ireland is also a successful Real Estate owner and developer for 30 years, with a portfolio located throughout New York (Park Ave. South), California, Colorado, Texas, and Florida. His projects and tenants included Urban Outfitters, Qwest, Computer Sciences Corporation, Telmar Networks, and Sprint Corporation and more.

Mr. Ireland is an avid nature lover and has pursued a number of philanthropic endeavors. He is the unseen backbone behind various NGOs and has funded scientific research programs associated with causes close to his heart.

Today he resides in Miami Beach, FL and works extensively with MultiCORE’s executive team to ensure company stretegic goals and objectives are successfully met.

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